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Complete Packaging Solution
Manisha Pharmo Plast Pvt. Ltd. - Complete Packaging Solution
Contract Manufacturing
Providing complete packaging and technological solution in dairy sector :
Manisha also provides complete Turnkey packaging solutions to clients, especially for Dairy.
We are in process of setting up complete infrastructure, contract filling / retorting, sealing machines, for Dairies.
Investment in new technology innovation/ turnkey projects
Manisha looks forward to invest in fruitful and innovative technology and believe in upgrading the organization’s goal as per the changing market scenario.

The Company is in dialogue with one of the leading US Company which is known for its SELF CHILLING / SELF HEATING CAN TECHNOLOGY. As they continue to finalize development of the self-refrigerating Can for mass production, we’ll also innovate, new cutting-edge technologies for other applications in the beverage industry.
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